Another Lambing Post

As most of you know by now, the past 2 months has been extremely busy with lambing!

Thankfully, the end is insight with the Swales happily lambing outside and the inside mules being finally down to double figures!

Whilst I have no new exciting tales to tell, I thought I would share with you some photographs taken from tonight’s farm visit. Afterall, everybody loves photographs of cute lambs.

Polly was eager to accompany Dad and I on our ‘twice a day check’ of the outdoor hillsheep. We do this to make sure that the sheep and lambs are all okay and are able to intervene if not!


We drove around the sheep, bringing in any that we were concerned about.

We check for problems as we ride around, looking out for sheep who have lost lambs (either dead or mismothered), who are ill or having problems lamb.

Tonight, we only had to bring two sheep in – one had twins but had unfortunately lost one, whilst the other had neglected to look after its young lamb and it was starving as a result.

As you can see, Polly was obsessed with the poorly lamb and just wanted to get stuck into helping.

Additionally, it is an opportunity to take in the scenery, that is when we have the time!


For me, there is no better sight than a sheep with healthy twins. It just makes me feel wholesome.

After checking the outdoor sheep, it was time to check to the lambing sheds.

We all have indivual tasks to get the jobs done quicker: I go around and fill the various water buckets and hay nets, whilst Dad rubbers and marks lambs and Mum feeds the many pet lambs we have acquired.

Below are just general lamb photographs for you I took this evening to browse at!

Before we left, the lambs decided to put on a race for us in their pen. Call it “The Lamb National”.

Now it’s time for a strong cuppa tea and a well earned rest.

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7 thoughts on “Another Lambing Post

  1. Oh they are precious! I am no farmer but I cannot agree with you more that the sight of an ewe and her newborn are life-affirming. I am staying on a working farm in Cornwall and I just saw an ewe who has birthed a pair of twins. I could see her placenta hanging behind her and I did not even feel like baulking. Nature is glorious and so is its way of sorting out affairs like birthing among animals.

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