Reading Week

For those of you that don’t go to university, reading week is basically a week where you read and catch up on all work. 

With my exams coming up shortly, I should be taking it more seriously, cramming in late night library sessions and drinking far too much caffeine than is probably good for me. 

But instead I have returned back to the countryside for some restbite. Athough, is farming ever relaxing?!

We only have 20 or so sheep left to lamb (started in mid-Feb!) so I am glad that I haven’t done my last lambing shed shift for 2017 just yet. 

There is something therapeutic about filling up hay nets and I just cannot put my finger on it. 

Here’s to the last 20 sheep that should be popping any second now! 

I shall keep you all updated as the week progresses. 

For now, have a photograph of Polly eagerly awaiting her next gathering adventure and my beloved car. 

Isn’t she a stunner? (The car/the dog – you decide)