Five Farmhouse Features

There is something wonderfully homely about a farmhouse. From its history, stunning surroundings, to charming irks, it’s the place where farmers and countryside dwellers  retreat to after a long working day.

Throughout the UK there are thousands of rural farmhouses, each with their own stories and memories. So since I’ve ‘come home’ for summer, here’s 5 features of my farming farmhouse that I’m sure many of you will recognise.

It is always cold

‘Can you feel a draft?’ has become the standard question, especially during the winter months, as cold air creeps into any room, despite central heating, log burning fires and a piping hot AGA.

Shutting in the heat to one specific room works wonders, until you move around the rest of the house which, starved of heat, has become a giant freezer… best invest in some wooly jumpers and blankets!

All action happens around the kitchen table 

A staple part of any farmhouse, the kitchen table is not just limited to serving up baking that would make Mary Berry gleam with pride or tuck into home reared lamb chops and mint sauce on a Saturday evening.

It’s the location of all important action: from lengthy business meetings with accountants and sales reps to a quick gossip with staff during their lunch break.

Complete with a cluster of agricultural magazines, sales catalogues, random scraps of paper containing calculations at the end of the table, plus a freshly brewed teapot in the centre, chief decisions are discussed and decided here, alongside some cake.

The outdoors comes indoors

From muddy welly footprints left on a newly cleaned floor as you ran inside to grab something quickly to finding straw and wool in the washing basket, it seems the farm doesn’t end at the front door.

In fact, there is no leaving nature behind as you shower on a regular basis with daddy long legs, are accustomed to the odd spider web, and have a pet beetle that runs across the floor at exactly 10PM every night. You are used to sharing the farmyard with animals and apparently the same goes in the farmhouse too!

Utility room / ‘Walk-in wardrobe’

Every girl dreams of having a walk in wardrobe and in a farmhouse that’s the utility room. Piled high with old coats, shoes and a children’s riding hat, it’s always the first port of call to look for a lost work-jacket or find a hat in the winter months and caters perfectly to a last minute outfit change, albeit without a mirror.


You can spot a farming household just by glancing at their mantelpiece: if it’s adorned with border fine art figurines and silverware from shows, you are in the right place.

Another tell-tale sign is their paintings/photographs hanging from the wall: whilst it differs depending on the type of farm (dairy/livestock/poultry/arable), there are usually several animal related imagery in just one room. It seems that despite spending all our time looking at stock, we continue to do so inside our houses… No rest for the wicked!

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