Welcome to my blog!

I’m Hannah, a farmer’s daughter from Lancashire. I am currently missing in action from most day to day farm activities due to my undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds. Upon graduation I would like to become an agricultural journalist.

I am a lover of all things farm related! This includes borrowing many of my dad’s checkered shirts, our 2,500 flock of sheep  that graze on Pendle Hill and bombing down country lanes in my Landrover Defender (incidentally my dream car!) I also love an auction dinner and enjoy sheepdog and Christmas turkey sales far too much.

Like all farmers that I have come across (from auction rings to county shows), I LOVE talking about farming. Coming from a long line of farmers, I am proud of my heritage and the industry that I come from.

So I decided to create a blog that documents my adventures on the farm, showcasing farming at its busiest moments.

More importantly, going to university has made me aware of the lack of knowledge people have about the farming industry and many misconceptions that are floating around in the media.

I hope to tackle some of these issues with my blog through my realistic experiences of farm life. It is crucial we (as the next generation of farmers) raise awareness for our industry. So if you are a young farmer reading this, please don’t waste your voice!

Finally, the blog also contains some travel writing from my adventures away from the farm!  I hope you enjoy these just as much.

All that left to do is kick off your wellies, put the kettle on and have a nosey!